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Mixed Reality Update #2

Google open sources VR pre-rendering tool Seurat, which is Google's scene simplification technology for mobile VR devices is going open source. This would allow developers to build powerful hardware by drastically reducing the level of processing required by high-quality VR assets. It simply pre-calculates and processes required calculations and removes everything that is not in the viewer's line of sight. Thus, VR hardware can easily provide high-quality experiences with 6DoF with a lower price tag due to reduced hardware constraints.

Kopin launches $500 smart glasses for cyclists and joggers Kopin launches their latest Solos smart glasses focuses on triathletes, cyclists, and joggers. These AR glasses, compatible with both iOS and Android, have interchangeable lenses, and music and voice control. Users have used earlier versions for turn-by-turn route directions, critical assistance, and hands-free access to phone-calls and music while getting real-time performance data in fr…

Mixed Reality Update #1

Samsung is expanding its partnership with Microsoft to develop Mixed Reality HeadsetThis means that Samsung wants to continue building AR/VR headsets that leverage the Windows Mixed Reality software ecosystem, now that Microsoft has lowered its royalty demands for this partnership.
Apple's next big thing is a VR/AR HeadsetAccording to insiders, Apple is working on a stand-alone AR/VR headset, codenamed T288. This headset is going to feature 8K display in each eye and will connect to a dedicated processing box that is more powerful than a smartphone.
AR Technology replacing car owners' manualMercedez-Benz has rolled out an AR owners manual for their 2018 E-class and S-class customers. This would allow users to learn more about interior features, controls, and functions by scanning the car with their smartphone camera to see AR information beacons on their phone. These beacons will explain the functions through text, photos, and videos. This shows how AR tech fits in the user expe…

Funding the Platform Shift

As my last 'finals week' winds down, with only a week before graduation, I am excited to announce that I will be joining Candela Partners, an early stage venture fund in San Francisco, as a full-time Associate.

Four years ago, I came to the US as a wide-eyed freshman, the first from my family to visit the US. On top of that, when I decided to major in business (in addition to computer science), I was in uncharted territory for my family, which is full of engineers. So I spent a lot of time exploring different fields - finance, startups, and consulting. After launching a lot of side projects, interning at early stage startups, and leading my school's venture initiatives, I found my true passion - early stage venture.

Being in Lancaster, PA, far from the traditional venture capital pockets, I was grateful to get an opportunity to learn through exciting projects with US and European VCs (after at least a hundred hours of cold emailing). The skills I gained through these proj…