Funding the Platform Shift

As my last 'finals week' winds down, with only a week before graduation, I am excited to announce that I will be joining Candela Partners, an early stage venture fund in San Francisco, as a full-time Associate.

Four years ago, I came to the US as a wide-eyed freshman, the first from my family to visit the US. On top of that, when I decided to major in business (in addition to computer science), I was in uncharted territory for my family, which is full of engineers. So I spent a lot of time exploring different fields - finance, startups, and consulting. After launching a lot of side projects, interning at early stage startups, and leading my school's venture initiatives, I found my true passion - early stage venture.

Being in Lancaster, PA, far from the traditional venture capital pockets, I was grateful to get an opportunity to learn through exciting projects with US and European VCs (after at least a hundred hours of cold emailing). The skills I gained through these projects will be invaluable for the rest of my career. In this process, I got connected with Don, and Larry (who is on the board of trustees of my school) and after working with them, I knew I wanted to get in the ground floor of the next computing platform - Mixed Reality.

I am excited to get a chance to fund the platform shift, and build and support the next wave of mixed reality companies and working alongside Don and Larry to help build Candela into one of the greatest venture funds in the world.

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