Mixed Reality Update #1

  • Samsung is expanding its partnership with Microsoft to develop Mixed Reality Headset
This means that Samsung wants to continue building AR/VR headsets that leverage the Windows Mixed Reality software ecosystem, now that Microsoft has lowered its royalty demands for this partnership.

  • Apple's next big thing is a VR/AR Headset
According to insiders, Apple is working on a stand-alone AR/VR headset, codenamed T288. This headset is going to feature 8K display in each eye and will connect to a dedicated processing box that is more powerful than a smartphone.

  • AR Technology replacing car owners' manual
Mercedez-Benz has rolled out an AR owners manual for their 2018 E-class and S-class customers. This would allow users to learn more about interior features, controls, and functions by scanning the car with their smartphone camera to see AR information beacons on their phone. These beacons will explain the functions through text, photos, and videos. This shows how AR tech fits in the user experience of complex navigation systems.

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