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Craving Interaction - How livestreaming will take over the world

Recently, I have noticed that I spend a lot of time watching live streams on Twitch. This has replaced the time I used to spend watching videos on Youtube, Instagram, and other social media.

As I spent more time lurking in Twitch Chat, I learned more and more about live streaming and why thousands of people are tuning into Twitch (and other live streaming platforms) and spending a lot of money on content that is available for free!

Active v. Passive viewersđź‘€The first thing you notice when you visit a Twitch channel is the rapidly moving chat (if its a popular channel). However, if you glance over to the number of viewers you would quickly realize that the number of people talking in chat (no matter how fast it is moving) is only a small fraction of the number of active viewers. This becomes clearer when you switch to a smaller stream which might have 5-10 viewers but barely anyone talking in chat.

There are three types of Twitch viewers - The conversation leaders, the active viewers,…